5 Reasons Why Women Love Soldiers

Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 1:40 PM

5 Reasons Why Women Love Soldiers

Everyone knows that women love men in uniform.  I can fairly say that women especially love strong, rugged military men.  It’s not difficult to understand why.  From images like Richard Gere in An Officer & A Gentleman, Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarhead, or Denzel Washington in Courage Under Fire, how can a girl not get a little hot and bothered?  But more enduring than these images of Hollywood military male specimens are the often forgotten real life military heroes who protect us daily.  Here are just some of the traits that women adore in their soldiers:
  • The courage to do what is necessary
  • The strength to undertake dangerous missions
  • An unparalled discipline 
  • A sense of duty to the nation, not just a duty to those immediately around them
  • Loyalty
Loren Mathis

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