Above Suspicion - Short Story (3rd installment)

Posted on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 1:52 PM

“Hey, accidents happen,” she replied in a sugary sweet voice, giving  him the best smile she could muster under the circumstances.  It had in fact taken her hours upon hours to redo the research.  Not to mention, having to have the interpreter explain to twelve sets of parents as to why she had to conduct their interviews over again had been beyond uncomfortable.  She was on a rather tight timeline and only had a few more weeks to shore up her research findings until she had to head back to the States.

“How is your research project going, Kevin?  It’s in molec  … molecular astrophysics, right?”
Kevin chuckled.  “No, not quite.  One of my degrees that I’m working on is in molecular physics.  My research project for the summer is involving a placebo-drug controlled testing program for an AIDs vaccination program that may potentially be implemented globally if it’s a success.”
“Oh, I see.  That sounds very impressive.  What exactly do you do in the program?”
“Well I mainly just follow up with the patients.  It’s a double-blind study so neither I nor they are aware of which ones receive the actual vaccine and which receive the placebo.  I basically determine if they are having any side effects, big or small.  The drug trial period lasts for longer than my research project, of course.  In addition, I’m doing most of the scut work—you know running to get the lead researchers glasses of water,” he said with a self-depreciating smile.
“How did you get involved in something like that?”
Kevin laughed again.  “Well, I know some low people in high places.”

Loren Mathis

Pushed to the Edge now Available!

Posted on 1:50 PM
My debut novel, Pushed to the Edge, is now available for purchase on Amazon!

A wickedly intelligent U.S. Navy SEAL, a strong-willed Latina news reporter, the CIA, the FSB, a rogue terror cell, a murdered youth, and a high-ranking U.S. official … hop on for the ride that is PUSHED. 

The U.S.-Afghanistan War has ended, a new Islamic jihadist terrorist cell has formed, and U.S. Navy SEAL Joshua Laurent and his teammates are racing against the clock to stop a bioterrorist attack on U.S. soil. When Joshua’s ex-girlfriend, newspaper reporter Victoria Sanchez, stumbles upon a dangerous web of drugs and money involving a former U.S. Congressman, the two are reunited once again as they attempt to stop the unthinkable.

PUSHED TO THE EDGE is a fast-paced 83,000+ word multi-cultural, contemporary military romance novel that is set in the Middle East, Germany, Russia, and the United States.
Loren Mathis

Above Suspicion — Short Story (2nd installment)

Posted on Friday, June 14, 2013 1:46 PM

When Vivienne met Dr. Theron and was told that his organization was starting a summer program to connect top undergraduate and graduate students with global research opportunities, it had been a perfect match.  The focus of Vivienne’s doctoral thesis was about the effect of environmental changes on human behavior.  Specifically, Vivienne’s research over this summer would examine the effect of decreased or increased sexual risk behaviors after dissemination of certain AIDs prevention tactics.

“Hey Davies,” a distinctively masculine voice called out, “are you napping in the sun like a cat?”
Vivienne reluctantly removed the cool towel and looked up at a recent source of annoyance for her: Kevin Chen.  Kevin was one of her fellow humanitarian workers/researchers.  In total the group was very small and consisted of ten graduate students, who each were studying different areas.  Kevin wasn’t exactly a pretty boy heartthrob.  He was taller than most people would expect someone with the last name Chen to be—rightly or wrongly so.  He stood at about 6’0” and had dark brown eyes and hair.
The only thing about his appearance that seemed to be out of place was a rather long jagged scar on the left side of his face.  The scar extended down from his hairline to just halfway above his cheek.  The scar wasn’t puckered, but it was noticeable when the sunlight reflected off his face just so.  Vivienne figured that it was probably the result of some childhood boyish mischief.  Despite this last physical characteristic, he had the total affectation of a nerd.  She could imagine him in high school scurrying down the hallways, wearing suspenders and pocket protectors.
Not that she hadn’t been a nerd herself back in high school.  In fact she’d been both a nerd and more than a little overweight.  In addition, her seemingly permanent “metal mouth”—worn to address a colossal overbite—had been a kiss of death to ever having a high school sweetheart at the small rural town in which she grew up.  Now she had managed to lose most of the weight, the braces, and had grown into an urban chic sense of style.
Unfortunately, unlike her, Kevin had not grown into a sense of style.  He had to be at least twenty-eight years old, and today he was wearing a puke green plaid shirt, khaki pants which were plagued with an assorted array of stains and dark rimmed eyeglasses.  As they say, to each their own.  However, she could still imagine that she and Kevin Chen were kindred spirits of sorts.

Loren Mathis

Above Suspicion - Short Story

Posted on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 1:45 PM

Hello Readers!

From time to time, I will provide excerpts from my novels and short stories.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting portions of a short story that I wrote called Above Suspicion.  Above Suspicion takes place in Senegal, Africa and it is in the romantic suspense genre.  It involves espionage, human trafficking, AND of course a steamy, romantic story-line.  I’d love to hear your thoughts throughout the weeks!

Present Day
Senegal, Africa
Part One
It had to be at least 110 degrees out, Vivienne Davies thought as she dipped a blue terry washcloth in a cool basin of water.  After wringing it out with both hands, she placed the cool rag over her face, leaned back in her lawn chair, and let out a loud sigh.
It was around 6:00 pm on a Friday evening, and she was taking a much-needed respite from both the heat and the hustle of the day.  You would think that she would already be used to the African climate.  She had been in Senegal for about three weeks now, so technically she should have been acclimated to the scorching heat.  But, she wasn’t used to it—not by a long shot.
The early hours of the morning were still deceptively cool.  But by around 7:00 AM the sun was hanging high in the sky and blaring down with a vengeance.  Within 10 minutes time, her T-shirt was guaranteed to already be plastered to her back with sweat.  Vivienne was from Seattle, Washington, and there even the hottest of days were never really all that hot.  Most of the days in the Pacific Northwest were cold, damp, and rainy.  As such, Vivienne had learned to love cold, damp, and rainy days.  Back home she had a closet full of colorful galoshes and trendy rain coats to prove it.

Loren Mathis
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