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Posted on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 1:45 PM

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From time to time, I will provide excerpts from my novels and short stories.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting portions of a short story that I wrote called Above Suspicion.  Above Suspicion takes place in Senegal, Africa and it is in the romantic suspense genre.  It involves espionage, human trafficking, AND of course a steamy, romantic story-line.  I’d love to hear your thoughts throughout the weeks!

Present Day
Senegal, Africa
Part One
It had to be at least 110 degrees out, Vivienne Davies thought as she dipped a blue terry washcloth in a cool basin of water.  After wringing it out with both hands, she placed the cool rag over her face, leaned back in her lawn chair, and let out a loud sigh.
It was around 6:00 pm on a Friday evening, and she was taking a much-needed respite from both the heat and the hustle of the day.  You would think that she would already be used to the African climate.  She had been in Senegal for about three weeks now, so technically she should have been acclimated to the scorching heat.  But, she wasn’t used to it—not by a long shot.
The early hours of the morning were still deceptively cool.  But by around 7:00 AM the sun was hanging high in the sky and blaring down with a vengeance.  Within 10 minutes time, her T-shirt was guaranteed to already be plastered to her back with sweat.  Vivienne was from Seattle, Washington, and there even the hottest of days were never really all that hot.  Most of the days in the Pacific Northwest were cold, damp, and rainy.  As such, Vivienne had learned to love cold, damp, and rainy days.  Back home she had a closet full of colorful galoshes and trendy rain coats to prove it.

Suffice it to say, Vivienne had not been attracted to the eastern coast of Africa because of the weather.  Instead, what had drawn her was the chance to make a difference, and to see a bit of the world while doing so.  She did have a touch of wanderlust, afterall.
For the summer, Vivienne was working as a volunteer humanitarian aid worker for Our Homeland, Inc. and was also conducting critical research in human behavior for her post-doctoral thesis.  Our Homeland was a non-profit organization that was based in Africa and geared towards promoting education and public health in African communities.  Even though it was a not for profit, the organization had been able to raise millions of dollars, the success of which landed squarely on the shoulders of its Director, Dr. Kristoff Theron.  Dr. Theron was a native South African.
Vivienne had been introduced to Dr. Theron during a seminar that he had taught while lecturing at Duke University last fall.  Although Vivienne was earning her degree at Seattle University, she had spent a semester as an exchange student at Duke while earning her PhD. in global public health.  Dr. Theron had given an awe-inspiring lecture called “Dreamcatchers: Encouraging African Children to Chase their Dreams.”  The lecture had focused on the objectives of the Our Homeland organization and the hard work that they were doing to obtain those objectives.  Vivienne had been intrigued by its focus on reducing AIDs transmission by focusing on elementary and high school lectures and free distribution of both female and male prophylactics.
To be continued….
Above Suspicion © 2013 Loren Mathis
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Loren Mathis

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