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Author Tianna Holley tagged me on Twitter for a blog hop, and you can find her answers to these questions on her blog.  You can also find her on Twitter as @holley_tianna.  Below are my answers to the questions. To complete my part in the blog hop, I will have to find five other random authors on Twitter to tag, and so the cycle goes on.
What are You Writing?
I am working on the third novel in my SEAL Team 14 Series, tentatively called Deep Cover.   

How Does This Differ From Your Last Work?
My last work was Swift Strike, Vol. 2 in my SEAL Team 14 Series. Swift Strike is set in present day Somalia and chronicles the foiling of an intricate terror plot. Deep Cover continues my SEAL Team 14 Series but has an entirely different plot than the previous novel. Deep Cover involves SEAL Team 14's attempt to stop a terrorist group's plan to create an novel weapon involving gallium arsenide technology. Deep Cover is largely set in Kashmir, India.

Why Do You Write?
I write because I wanted to put pen to paper on all of the stories floating around in my head! I love to create fun stories for people to escape into--even if for a moment.

What is Your Process?
I don't have a set process for writing. However, I usually do some sort of a story outline and character map. I am also the most productive when I write in the evening with a cup of hot coffee to keep me company!.

Loren Mathis

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