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Posted on Friday, February 14, 2014 12:01 AM

Hey guys,

<3 Happy Valentine’s Day!! <3

I’m Serena Akeroyd and Loren has kindly let me loose on you all!  But don’t worry, I’m not that bad.  In fact, I have a giveaway for you all, if you’re interested, that is. But first things first, who am I and what do I do?

Well, I’m a writer and I do erotica.  But it’s my kind of erotica.  We’re not talking endless amounts of sex here, endless amounts of thrusting *coughs*.  Just as and when the story needs it.  My byline is Putting the RAUNCH in Romance and that’s just how it is.  For me, as a lover of romance, the physical connection is as vital as the emotional.  One without the other is like going outside in a snowstorm with one boot on and one left in the hall closet!  Yeah; pointless!

And with that in mind, I created my first series: Naughty Nookie.  The entire series revolves around three, very different women; Mona, Marina and Eddie.  Each woman’s tale told in four parts, Mona’s tale is complete, I’m a third of the way through Marina’s and Eddie’s is very much on the way!  And it’s Mona’s tale that I’m offering as a giveaway today.  All you have to do is connect with me on Facebook, give my page a like and then send me a message.  The third, eighth and the nineteenth person to do so, can nab themselves a copy of Mona’s full story; all four parts for your enjoyment! : )

Just so you know what kind of giveaway you’re entering, here’s the blurb and an excerpt (don’t worry, it isn’t X-rated!)

Simone Barranquet is in a rut.  In fact, her life is one huge rut. Until she falls into Zane Matthews' (The Zane Matthews!) arms and unwittingly finds herself.
But even then, life can't hand Mona a candy bar. There's always something bittersweet to spoil her happiness and in this instance, it's Zane's husband. 
Yeah. Husband!
Can Mona wade through the fallout to find her own Happy Ever After? Or is she destined to lead a Zane-free and love-free life?
If she can grab the bull by the balls, then maybe, just maybe she can. 
But does she have enough cojones of her own to do just that?


“You are a darling, Mona Barranquet!” Hiding another grin, because Meg just can’t pronounce my surname, she always says Bar-in-koo-ett instead of Bah-ran-ket, I round the counter and tie on the apron she pushed into my chest.  “No time for training.  Just do what you can.”  She blew another whistle and again, peace settled over the raucous crowd.  “Now, listen everybody.  Mona’s helping out, so be nice.  If you know, where something is and she doesn’t, give her a nudge.  Thanks everyone.”
To my consternation, everybody nods as though she hasn’t just asked her diners to help out the wait staff.  I can only imagine the average New York crowd if the proprietor of an eatery did that. 
I knew there was a reason I liked this place. 
Grinning, I submerge myself into the job.  And I’m almost shocked when I discover that I like it.
I’m not as much of an introvert as I thought I was either.  I chat to people; honest to God chat.  I don’t shuffle between tables, mumbling behind my order pad.  I talk and flirt and laugh if something funny’s said.  I mop up spills, predict them before they even happen and generally whizz through the crowd with a smile on my face. 
I’m quick on my toes and pick up the layout of the place in no time at all and by the end of the shift, have earned myself thirty dollars in tips. 
Not bad for a newbie! 
Thinking of how many tampons I can buy with that, I pour myself a cup of coffee and sit at the counter and rub my feet.  Because, Christ, they ache like a bitch. 
Meg bursts through the swing hinge doors out of the kitchen and zooms in on me like a fly scenting sugar.
She’s one of those women of indeterminate age.  Somewhere between thirty and fifty with red, frizzy hair that if a straightener ever passed through, would glint gold in the light.  Her eyes are lined with a thick smudge of kohl, but outside of that, she wears no make-up.  There isn’t a uniform at The Pike and she’s dressed in men’s sweats, an oversized T-shirt so large you can’t even make out if she has any boobs, as well as sneakers on her feet.
“You’re a lifesaver, Mona.  Thank you so much, I don’t think I’d have seen the day out if you hadn’t stopped by.  You probably only came in for that cup of coffee, didn’t you?  Didn’t expect to be recruited on to the team.”  She snorts and then her eyes flicker over me.  “You can’t miss the sign on the door, but I’m actually hiring if you’re interested.”  She cocks her brow.  “Although maybe not if you’re looking after those two hunks up on the hill?”
I refuse to blush.  I’m an adult and Jake and Zane are hardly adolescents.  We can do whatever the hell we want behind the privacy of our own doors.
That very little kinkiness has gone down as yet doesn’t matter.
It’s the principle! 
Perhaps she can tell I’ve taken umbrage, because she raises her hands in surrender and says around a grin, “Hold fire, missy.”
Do people under the age of seventy call people that? 
Apparently so.
But then, Meg isn’t your average thirty to fifty year old woman. 
Inwardly snorting, I merely cock my brow to match hers and watch as her grin widens. 
I’ll also warn you that I’m a lover of UNORTHODOX HAPPY EVER AFTERS… so, what Meg things is going on between Mona, Jake and Zane… really is! :D
Thanks for letting me hijack your blog today, Loren.  And don’t forget, you can win a copy of Mona’s story.  Just ‘like’ my Facebook page, send me a message and if you’re the third, the eighth or the nineteenth person to do so, then I’ll message you back and ask for your email address to send you the copy!
Here’s hoping I hear from you soon! And down below, you can connect with me on all the usual social network sites as well as find out more info about the Naughty Nookie series.  Don’t forget, Marina’s tale is almost done!
Happy reading, folks!  And have a great Valentine’s.  I hope you received the prezzies you wanted and if you didn’t, no worries.  Just go out and buy it for yourself! :D

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