Guest Post - Lis Ann, The Indigo Quill

Posted on Friday, May 2, 2014 12:00 AM

Guest Post: Lis Ann from The Indigo Quill

Basics of Self-Editing

I have many books that come across my table, several of which Ive  observed similar mistakes throughout. My goal today is to make note of a few things that you as a writer can do to make your editor happy and practice healthy habits for yourself.


When providing media kits, especially in terms of the cover of your book, make sure you have sent a decent size, 300 dpi, and jpeg in format. This is the longest withstanding and easiest arrangement to work with. It also makes you look more professional as the images appear clearer and much more defined. Send your photos the way you wish for them to appear.


Make sure that your information and grammar is correct. I know, it seems so simple, but youd be surprised at how many people overlook these things! If youre recalling historical events, places, people, or things, double check your facts.


Please be sure to consistently use proper forms. Keep There Theyre and Their straight. Ive actually had authors use the wrong form throughout their entire book. Your grasp on the English language is vital for your craft. If you need to brush up on your basic knowledge of effective writing, grab a book and study!

Try to stay away from: that, as, has been, this, just, had, words ending with ing or ly (especially at the beginning of sentences), I or he/she, got

Look at the first word of each sentence to be sure you didnt repeat them. Read your work out loud to hear if it sounds correct and if it can be well communicated to a reader. If needed, consult a Thesaurus to approach a phrase differently.

Make strong writing! The more you practice adequate writing habits, the easier it becomes and the more skilled you will be. You will also make your editor a very happy camper! :)

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