Guest Post, Oswald Wallace

Posted on Friday, May 9, 2014 1:59 PM
She was lying. He knew from the way she kept moving the things in the kitchen. He knew from the way her hand kept touching her neck, like it always does when she's nervous. And he knew from the way she kept avoiding his eyes. But most of all, he knew because he had seen her.
"So, you haven't met anyone?" he asked her for the second time ....

That was an excerpt from my book A Cuckoo by the Window, which you can find at Smashwords ( with all my other works which are FREE! Well, I'll leave you now by sharing my limited view on writing.

Writing a book is, I think, like raising a child.

You never quite finish, it's just taken out of your hand. And suddenly, even if you aren't the one who ends it, you find yourself saddled with that uncanny combination of happiness and sadness when you realise it's done.

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Loren Mathis

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